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Konu Başlığı : Monday Morning Anonymous: Let hear your rants after the Jaguars vs. Texans loss!

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30-10-2019, Saat: 12:18
Good morning, everyone! The Jacksonville Jaguars just lost to the Houston Texans in heartbreaking fashion  a missed turnover here, a bad call on the go ahead two-point conversion there  and it time to let it all out Devante Mays Jersey.From now until the end of the season, wel be taking your anonymous rants, ravings, vent sessions, and suggestions on how to get better. Because it all about getting better.The DMs are always open at BigCatCountry.-t sad that Marrone will have a free pass on this season because of Foles getting injured.e need to can Cann.ow about we not give the fucking ball to our shitty running back on must have two point conversion! Gardner outrushed him today.s there a current over/under on how many game before Marrone is fired He clearly doesn have the locker room with him anymoreaven Bryan was one of our best defensive lineman today so that should tell you how much of a clusterfuck this whole game was things first, why the FUCK did we run up the middle out of shotgun with Fournette All game he gets stuffed at the line, and for some reason we put the game in his hands while Minshew is hot as ever. f you got balls enough to go for it, let Minshew throw the damn thing.hat is a Leonard Fournette promised myself I would not get mad if we lost the first two games considering the lack of preseason play. However, if we lose to the Mayo Mouths on Thursday, I will climb to the top of section 409 and jump Jaxson De Ville style, sans bungee cord.ardner was balling out the last drive. So much momentum going in his favor and then Marrone makes the most Marrone call ever and gives the ball to Leonard when theye stacking the box.e tried.rite Lincoln Riley a blank check and let get this thing going.HAT THE FUCK are these offensive play calls! Is is the offensive coordinator fault Or Marrone Dumping the ball to a RB on third down has been a trend the last decade for the Jaguars and it doesn fucking work!onestly I more upset that I going to have to begrudgingly agree with Gene Frenette harsh but true takes for another season sucks, is not enough alcohol in my home to help me feel better after that game.his was it. This was the straw that broke the camel clavicle. Scorched earth protocol. Wash. Coughlin, Marrone, Caldwell. unironically watched an e-sports tourney on TV while I streamed the Jags on my phone. time for Doug to pack up his bologna sandwiches and move on.If you have anything to say, feel free to DM us at BigCatCountry. Wee always open. Sign up for the newsletter Rise Grind Want NFL news and interesting links in your inbox every weekday morning Rise grind with us.

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