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04-09-2019, Saat: 10:54
Full Automatic Toilet Paper Production Line
1.Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine
The rewinding machine with single embossing is used for rewinding jumbo paper to smaller roll, ready for cutting in next cutting step. It can automatically gluing, cutting when roll finished, has synchronous transmission system. Our machine can load three roll (three layers)  the the same time. Pneumatic paper loading system is equipped to save human labor.
Our factory original produce automatic toilet paper rewinder adopting international advanced  PLC computer programming technology, and frequency adjustable speed, and electronic brake and the configuration has touch type picture human-computer interface system, latest development free core volume paper forming complex volume system, reached rewind volume effect with core or no core , one machine more with more usage, makes machine in years of market put using can full upgrade, makes the operation more convenient and shortcut, greatly improve the production efficiency.
1. This model is designed with PLC control system, fully automatic in production process, the function is complete and the production speed is high. The finished rewinding process implements tight first and loose later and different stage loose degree, resolve paper and core apart in the long storage time.
2. It can automatically change the core, spray the glue and seals without stopping the machine and also automatically raise and lower speed when exchanging the core.
3. When change the core, the machine will be tight first and loosen later to avoid dropping off the roll core.
4. Equipped with automatic alarm to indicate filling up of core pipe. The machine will be automatically stopped when there is no core pipes. Automatic alarm for breaking off of paper.
5. Equipped separate tension control for each unwinding jumbo roll.
6. It is convenient to change the feature to produce any other core pipe winding.
7. Left paper remind after sealing of product for convenient use.
8. Jumbo roll stand is installed by pneumatic.
9. Stepless adjustment , every function can independent operation.
10. Three-layer horizontal paper remove shelf, pneumatic type wide belt  for paper feeder, each group of original paper shelf has independent tension adjustment device ; point-to-point embossing, pattern is distinct and beautiful, light weight, can be configured according to the user's needs for steel to steel embossing ;inching switch for the traction of the original paper, the operation is simple, safe and practical.
Technical Specification:
NameAutomatic toilet paper rewinding cutting machine
Model MJY-1880
Original paper 2100mm
Process capacity2.5 T/D
Finished paper40-240(mm)
Original paper
external diameter1100mm(can be changed)
Finished product diaAdjustable
Program controllerPLC computer Program
Produce speed0-200meter/min
Embossing partsSteel roller,wool roller,Rubber rollers
Embossing situationNo Embossing ,single Embossing,double Embossing
Machine conveyorContinuously variable transmission.
Paper remove shelf1-4  layers
BrakeElectric,pneumatic control
Main power5.5kw+1.5kw
Total weight2500kg
2.Automatic Toilet Paper Cutting Machine
The machine is used for cutting long rolls into small rolls, ready for next packing step.
1. LCD touchable screen is used to realize humanized operation, easy to operation and adjust.
2. No workers is needed in the cutting process, very safe.
3. The machine is suitable for box drawing paper, facial paper cutting, cutting length for facial paper can be customized.
4. It is easy to set cutting number and cutting length and can be connected with automatic packing machine.
5. The machine settings are advanced and stable. Control parts are mainly used good quality import parts.
Technical Specification:
NameAutomatic toilet paper cutting machine
Material Length0-300mm(Can be customized)
Raw material diameter65-130mm
Paper sizeCan be set
Product dimension error+-1mm
Control systemPLC control,servo drive,touch screen operation
Cutting & swing structureCam structure
Production Speed50-100cuts/min
Power supplyAC380v50hz
Required air compressor0.5MPA (Customer owned)
3.Automatic Toilet Paper Single Roll Packing Machine
1. Full servo control system, all independent programming, all controlled by the software to facilitate the function of restructuring and technological upgrading,advanced.
2 human-machine operation, convenient and quick parameter setting.
3. Fault self-diagnosis function, clear failure display.
4. Sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, digital input cut position which makes the cutting position more accurate.
5. automatically recognizes the bag length according to tissue products, machine adjustment is simple.
6.Positioned stop function, without sticking knife, CPP and CPP-sided heat sealing film and color packaging films can be packaged, not wasting film.
7. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
8. It can automatically connect with roll Cutter, without manual working,  saving labor costs.
9. No product machine will stop,will not have empty bag. never waste film.
Technical Specification:
Packing speed0-150 /min
Bag width60-200mm
Bag length130-350mm
Tissue height Max.130mm
Film widthMax.450mm
Machine voltage220V
Power3.0KW 50/60HZ
Machine sizeL5020*W720*H1450mm
4.Automatic Toilet Paper Multi-rolls Packing Machine
Brief Introduction:
The machine is used for packing 6, 10, 12 paper rolls and can be connected to automatic cutting machine to realize automatic sealing.
1. PLC programming control and LCD. The machine settings can be preset.
2. The machine only need one worker to operate.
3.Stable performance and long life span.
4. With sensor to guarantee safety.
5. One machine can be use for pack all size of products.
Technical Specification:
Bagging methodPush palm type
Air compressor0.6MPA (Customer owned)
Power supply380v50hz
Packing speed10-20pcs/min
Diameter packing sizeSingle   diameter:70-120mm
Height packing sizeSingle   height:100-120mm
Total power2kw
Dimension5000*1000*1500mm (L*W*H)

Paper Production Line for sale

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